Yes, I am Jeff Miskis and, yes, I am a web design professional from Pittsburgh, PA. For the last 3 years, I've been responsible for making the web department tick at LarsonO'Brien Marketing Group.

Oh, the blog? Yeah, I took that down...
It will be back, but when I'm ready. I'm working on a good share of client work at the mome. Check it.
In the meantime, I do tweet often and graciously accept Facebook correspondence!
Here's a guy I know pretty well.
Something from April:
Made some big changes to a client's website that we built back in 2007. The nav was originally all in Flash due to some poor planning during design phases, so we put a stop to that.

If you're from Pittsburgh, you know how sweet the David L. Lawrence Convention Center is... Yeah, Birdair did that. They're from the Buffalo area. Check out the awesome projects they've had their hand in. Like the site? Wanna tell me?

Something from March:
Launched a great new site for HH Robertson Floor Systems. Such a groovy product if you're familiar with the downsides to putting cabling in the ceiling (like so many builders do these days.) it is very, very unsafe to do so. These guys do it right and put your cables in the floor. Do the research.

Let me know what you think of the site.

Something else from March:
Jesse Wisinski and I recently worked some magic to pull this site together for a great Vet Center in Pittsburgh out on Camp Horne Road. Thanks to Chris Shoff for the CMS.

Something from February:
Check out the blog we started at the agency. Dig my design? Hate it? Tell me.
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I'm not afraid to give out my phone number, but honestly I just don't answer that often.
(412)7809778... You'll have better luck emailing me first. I'm on top of that.